When I started the Dover Law Firm in 1991, I set out to build a team of accomplished attorneys and support staff that would give Georgia injury victims a fighting chance against the massive insurance companies who consistently fought even legitimate claims.
I knew that insurance companies would do anything they could to limit payments on claims, delay claims or deny claims altogether. I also knew that the insurance industry was very powerful and had all sorts of resources at their disposal, giving them a tremendous advantage over accident and medical malpractice victims when it came time to settle claims.

I was also well aware of the tricks and tactics insurance company representatives would use to confuse and intimidate injured people into making critical mistakes, giving up their rights or settling for far less than they rightfully deserved.

Someone had to level the playing field, and that's what I've done. Dover Law Firm

My legal team (your team) has successfully handled thousands of cases over the past two decades, including serious auto and truck accidents, complex medical malpractice cases and on-the-job injury cases.

We have helped injured victims recover money for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. In addition, we have helped families cope and move on after they've lost a loved one due to a wrongful death.

One of the key elements that sets us apart from other Atlanta-area personal injury and medical malpractice law firms is the tremendous amount of information available at no charge on our website for Georgia residents.  I have written three books to help injury victims after a serious accident or medical malpractice situation, including:

The 4 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Georgia Car or Truck Injury Claim 

I Have Cancer...Should It Have Been Caught Earlier?

Why Did This Critical Medical Error Happen to Me? 

In addition, I have also written several special reports on topics such as breast cancer, child car seat safety, colon and rectal cancer, nursing home abuse and many others.  Again, all of the reports are available for free to Georgia residents.

The lawyers at my firm know all of the nuances of Georgia law and are not afraid to argue cases in front of a jury, as we have done countless times since 1991.
Many firms are reluctant to take a case to a jury and will look to settle as quickly as they can, often resulting in a settlement offer far below what the claimant should have received. The Dover Law Firm team strives to get the maximum compensation for its clients in every case and will not hesitate to take on an insurance company in front of a jury.

In addition to our team of experienced accident and medical malpractice attorneys, we also have a medical doctor on staff, something very few, if any, Atlanta-area law firms can claim. Having a doctor available enables us to research and prepare thoroughly for even the most complex medical malpractice cases. As such, the Dover Law Firm is well equipped to successfully handle Georgia medical malpractice cases involving failure to diagnose cancer, cancer misdiagnosis, surgical errors, failure to diagnose heart attack or stroke, prescription errors, and other cases.

The bottom line is that if you've been injured due to someone else's negligence - whether it was a fellow motorist on a highway, a medical professional you entrusted your care to, or an unsafe working condition that caused you harm - you need an experienced, proven team on your side. A team you can trust. A team that will do all it can to protect your rights, stand up for you and get you fair and full compensation.

The Dover Law Firm team.  Your team.

For additional details about my background as an Atlanta-area personal injury and medical malpractice attorney, please click on the link below.