In 2009, a Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act was introduced in Congress. The bill never became law. In the spring of 2011, similar bills were once again introduced in Congress and are currently pending in both the House and Senate.

Is the Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act of 2011 (SHIPA) Needed?

Generally, SHIPA sets height and weight limits for trucks that travel on federally funded highways. Supporters of the legislation suggest the following reasons why this legislation is necessary:
  • Heavy trucks take longer to stop and have shorter reaction time making it more difficult for large or heavy trucks to avoid dangerous crashes.
  • Heavy trucks impose significant wear and tear on our nation's infrastructure including highways and bridges.

If SHIPA becomes law, then the current limits of 53 feet and 80,000 pounds would continue for most trucks and be expanded to include more of the interstate highway system.

Will SHIPA Become Law?
It is difficult to tell whether SHIPA will become law. Another bill is currently before the House that would allow trucks to weigh as much as 97,000 pounds. The Safe and Efficient Transportation Act (SETA) of 2011 would allow trucks to be heavier, but there would presumably be fewer trucks on the road.

Both SHIPA and SETA are currently before congressional committees and face various obstacles before becoming law.

What Marietta Truck Lawyers Know for Sure
While politicians try to make our roads safer, some Georgia truck crashes will continue to occur regardless of whether any legislation is passed. If you have been hurt in a truck wreck, then it is important to contact a Marietta truck attorney as soon as possible after your accident to discuss your rights and potential recovery.

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