Last summer, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) analyzed four available technologies to determine the potential effectiveness of different technologies that could avoid large truck collisions. While the conclusions of the IIHS report are significant, it is important to remember that each large truck accident happens under unique circumstances and that regardless of the technology available, a person injured in a Georgia truck wreck may benefit from contacting a Marietta truck attorney.

Four Technologies that Could Prevent Large Truck Accidents

Specifically, the IIHS looked at the following four types of technologies in its study*:
  1. Side View Assist: this technology uses side cameras to alert truck drivers to other vehicles that may be difficult for them to see. It could be useful in preventing large truck accidents that occur when a truck attempts to change lanes and does not see a vehicle traveling in the same direction.
  2. Forward Collision Warning / Mitigation: this technology is similar to the side view assist technology, but it alerts truck drivers to dangers in front of them rather than to the side.
  3. Lane Departure Warning / Prevention: as with other types of technologies, lane departure warning systems use cameras to detect when a truck is about to cross a lane line without a signal. It is designed to help truckers avoid inadvertent lane changes.
  4. Vehicle Stability Control: this type of technology would detect when a truck is becoming unstable and help prevent rollover and jackknife accidents.

The IIHS concluded that all four technologies had the potential to help prevent accidents, but that the realization of that potential was dependent on numerous external factors.

Contact a Marietta Truck Lawyer if You've Been Hurt in a Georgia Truck Wreck

While technology has the potential to reduce the number of truck accident injuries and fatalities, technology alone will not prevent all serious Georgia truck crashes. If you have been hurt in a Georgia truck accident, please contact an experienced Marietta truck accident attorney at 1.770.518.1133 for a free consultation.

*Source: Crash Avoidance Potential of Four Large Truck Technologies, Jessica S. Jermakian, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, July 2010