Head on collisions are not the most common type of Georgia car accident, but they are among the most serious.  A head on collision occurs when the front end of one car collides with the front end of another car.  The impact can be forceful. Airbags typically deploy; the potential for serious injuries and fatalities exist every time there is a Georgia head on collision.

Why Head on Collisions Occur

Most of the time head on collision car crashes occur on undivided city or rural roads.  Often the accidents occur when one driver crosses the center dividing line and crashes with a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

In Georgia, head on collisions occur for the same reason as other types of  tragic Georgia car accidents.  For example, a head on collision might occur when a driver is doing any of these:
  • Speeding in Dekalb County and unable to safely maneuver around a turn or bend in the road

What Happens When Cars Collide Head On

When cars collide in a head on crash, the injuries can be significant or fatal.  Some accident victims suffer from traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and internal injuries.  The best way to understand your injuries following a crash is to see a doctor for any pain or discomfort that you are experiencing.

What to Do After a Georgia Car Crash

After you see a doctor, it is important to consult an Atlanta car accident attorney for more information about how to protect yourself after a crash.  To get started protecting your legal rights, please read our free book, 4 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Georgia Car or Truck Claim, and contact us at 770.518.1133 or via our online contact form for more information.