In 2010, Georgia joined the majority of states and enacted a law to combat distracted driving.  Georgia, like all other states, is facing a significant increase in accidents caused by drivers who are distracted by text messages, phone calls, email, GPS technology, food, music, passengers and more.  These distractions cause drivers to divert their attention from driving safely to attend to other things, and they are often the cause of serious and fatal accidents.

New Georgia Laws Took Effect on July 1, 2010

Earlier this year, Georgia enacted two laws aimed at stopping distracted driving.  Specifically, the following laws that are now in effect include the:
  • Caleb Sorohan Act: this law prohibits all drivers from using wireless telecommunication devices (e.g. phones, PDAs) to write, send or read any text-based message such as a text message, e-mail, instant message or internet data.  Drivers caught violating this law may be fined and receive points on their licenses.

  • House Bill 23: this law prevents drivers under 18 years of age from using wireless telecommunication devices for any purpose while driving with an instruction permit or Class D license.  Drivers caught violating this law may also be fined and receive points on their licenses.

Georgia school bus drivers were already prohibited from using cell phones while driving with passengers on their busses, pursuant to previously enacted state law.

Will These Laws Make Georgia Streets Safer?

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents.  As experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers, we often represent clients who have been hurt, or who have lost loved ones, in Georgia distracted driving crashes.

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