Did you know that 83% of U.S. truck accidents happen because of one of three critical events?* As a Georgia car driver, you cannot prevent these critical events from happening, but you can be aware of the dangers when you are driving near a truck. Also, you can investigate the cause of your Georgia truck wreck if you've been injured.

Three Critical Events that Cause Truck Crashes

According to the federal government's Large Truck Causation Study, the majority of truck accidents happen because of one of three critical events. A critical event is defined as an action or event that made the accident unavoidable. The three major critical events are:
  1. Running Out of a Travel Lane: This may occur when a truck travels out of its lane or off the road. This critical event accounts for 32% of large truck crashes nationwide.
  2. Loss of Control: This may occur due to speeding, cargo shifts, poor road conditions, mechanical problems or other reasons. This type of event accounts for 29% of United States large truck accidents.
  3. Rear-End Collisions: A truck rear-ending another vehicle in its travel lane accounts for about 22% of large truck wrecks in this country.

The Critical Importance of Hiring a Marietta Truck Attorney After an Accident

If you were hurt in a truck accident caused by one of these critical events or if you were hurt in a truck accident that occurred for another reason, it is important that you consult a Marietta auto attorney. A Marietta accident lawyer knows that despite the common causes of truck accidents, your accident was unique. Your accident injured you, or killed a loved one, and for that you may deserve to recover legal damages.

If you've been hurt, or if you've lost a loved one in a Georgia truck crash, please read our free book 4 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Georgia Car or Truck Claim and call a Marietta auto lawyer at 770.518.1133.

*Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, The Large Truck Causation Study, July 2007