It can be difficult to think clearly after a Clayton County car accident.  You may be in pain and you may be overwhelmed at a time when an insurance agent, who does not have your best interests at heart, is seeking to have you make important decisions about your case.

As Clayton County car accident lawyers, we encourage you to avoid making a mistake that could cost you a substantial amount of your recovery.  Specifically, we encourage you to avoid:
  • Making a Statement to an Insurance Adjuster.  It is the insurance adjuster’s job to try and keep your claim as low as possible. Some adjusters will try to get you to trust them so that you say things that they may later use against you.  Instead of talking directly to an insurance agent, direct the insurance company to your Clayton County car accident attorney for any statements or information that they need.  For more information about insurance companies, please read our free report Typical Insurance Company Tactics.
  • Putting Off Medical Treatment.  Many insurance companies will try to argue that a delay in seeking medical treatment means that you were not hurt that badly.  Likewise, they will argue that you may have caused your own harm if you did not follow doctor’s orders.  For those reasons, we advise our clients to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after their car accidents and to do what the doctor advises them to do.
  • Failing to Hire an Experienced Clayton County Car Accident Lawyer.  Atlanta area car accident attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies, they know how to investigate your case, and they know how to get a good settlement or jury verdict.  At the same time, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you reduce the stress and frustration that follows an accident so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

For more information about what not to do after a crash, please download our free book, 4 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Georgia Car or Truck Claim and call us at 770.518.1133.  One of our experienced Clayton County car accident attorneys will review your case and advise you about your legal rights and potential recovery.