When we are sick and we go see our doctor, we want to get better.  We trust that the medication prescribed by our doctor is going to help us get better or, at least, prevent us from getting worse.  And, in most cases, our trust is well placed – unless the doctor or pharmacist makes a mistake.  Then, the consequences of the medication error can be dangerous or fatal.

Medication Mistakes Doctors Make

Some of the medication mistakes commonly made by doctors include:
  • Not knowing enough about the patient.  For example, the doctor may have failed to get a complete medical history, inquire about other drugs that the patient is taking, or failed to run enough tests to make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Not communicating well with the pharmacist.  The doctor’s handwriting or use of abbreviations may result in the pharmacist misinterpreting the intended prescription.

Medication Mistakes Pharmacists Make

Doctors aren’t the only ones who can cause a serious medication error.  Pharmacists also make mistakes, such as:
  • Not keeping up-to-date on recalls and potentially adverse effects
  • Not labeling the medication appropriately for the patient
  • Providing the wrong medication to the wrong patient
  • Not properly mixing or diluting medication according to FDA guidelines, manufacturer guidelines, and doctor instructions

What You can do After a Medication Mistake

When you contact an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney at The Dover Law Firm, you will find a compassionate and knowledgeable advocate who will help you with your legal and financial recovery.  We understand that we can’t take away the physical and emotional consequences of a prescription drug error that should never have occurred.  But, we may be able to help you sleep better at night by securing your financial recovery and easing the financial burden created by your doctor’s or pharmacist’s mistake.

Learn more about drug errors in our free report Medications: Prescription, Administration & Other Common Errors and contact an Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer at 1.770.518.1133 or via our online contact form for more information about your specific case.