The majority of births occur with no complications.  However, when it is your child who has been hurt by a birth injury, when it is your family that has to deal with the emotional, financial and physical complications of a birth injury, the statistics simply don’t matter.

Low blood oxygen levels at birth, known as hypoxia or hypoxemia at birth, can result in significant consequences.  The brain and other vital organs can be affected and result in short term complications, lifetime disabilities, or death.

How Hypoxia Can Be Prevented

Often, hypoxia birth injuries occur as a result of medical negligence.  For example, if a doctor fails to diagnosis any of the following conditions or fails to act with reasonable care with regard to any of the following conditions then a baby may suffer from lack of oxygen.  The common conditions include:
  • Placenta abnormalities.
  • Placenta abruptions.
  • Breech vaginal births.
  • Difficult births where the baby is stuck in the birth canal.
  • Problems with the umbilical cord such as umbilical cord compression or umbilical cord collapse.
  • Umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck.

To learn more about potential problems at birth, we encourage you to read our free report, Pregnancy & Childbirth: Common Practices and Common Errors.

What Happens to the Baby?

If the baby has suffered from low blood oxygen levels then the baby could suffer from cerebral hypoxia.  Cerebral hypoxia means that the brain has been affected by the lack of oxygen.  The child may have cognitive issues, gross motor issues, memory problems or other disabilities caused by the lack of oxygen.  Treatment is often extensive and includes lifelong rehabilitation therapies.  The extent of the treatment, and the impact of the condition on the child’s future, depends on the severity of the hypoxia at birth.

Recovering Damages for Birth Hypoxia in Georgia

If your child has suffered from a lack of oxygen at birth, then you may be able to bring a Georgia birth injury lawsuit against the doctor or hospital responsible for the injury.  Please contact an Atlanta birth injury attorney at The Dover Law Firm for more information.  We can be reached at 770.518.1133 or via our online contact form for more information.