There are many types of injuries that result from motorcycle accidents in Alpharetta and throughout Georgia. When a motorcycle crash occurs, the motorcyclist is the one who typically bears the brunt of the impact, since there is not a lot protecting the rider besides a helmet and protective clothing.

Some common motorcycle injuries include:
  • Scarring - When a motorcycle victim suffers road rash or road burn due to hitting the asphalt, serious scars can develop that may require cosmetic repair. Before settling a lawsuit, an injured motorcyclist should get an estimate of what it would cost to repair the scars.
  • Concussion - During motorcycle accidents, riders typically hit their heads (even when wearing a helmet). When this happens, a rider can experience headaches, dizziness, and problems concentrating, which are all signs of a concussion. It is important to see a doctor and get evaluated if you hit your head in an Alpharetta motorcycle crash.
  • Traumatic brain injury - When a motorcyclist hits their head forcefully, serious head damage and brain injury may occur. Immediate medical care should be sought.
  • Knee injury - During a crash, motorcyclists often hit their knees against the bike or on the ground when they fall. The impact can cause ligaments to tear or could cause damage to the knee cap, as well. An orthopedic specialist should be seen immediately.
  • Collarbone injury - When motorcyclists fall to the ground in an accident, their shoulders and susceptible to collarbone fractures and even rotator cuff injuries. An orthopedic surgeon should be seen as soon as possible to determine if surgery is needed. 
  • Spinal injuries - Motorcycle riders sometimes get crushed and injure their spinal cords, which often results in paralysis. 

Some injuries will heal on their own, and others may need physical therapy or surgery. Sometimes physical therapy alone does not take away the pain. When this happens, you may need surgery. It is better to get treatment for damages sooner than later for your own health, as well as for the maximum personal injury recovery that you can obtain.

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