Cerebral palsy refers to a group of brain and nervous system disorders that manifest in different ways.  The symptoms of Cerebral palsy vary depending on the type and severity of the condition.  For example, Cerebral palsy can affect a person’s gross motor skills, cognitive abilities, hearing and eye sight.

Cerebral palsy (or CP as it is also known) is not currently curable but different therapies can make a big difference in a patient’s life.

Cerebral palsy often develops as a result of something that happens during pregnancy, during labor and delivery, or during the first two years of life.  For example, if a baby is deprived of oxygen during labor or delivery, then the baby may suffer brain damage that results in Cerebral palsy.

When Cerebral palsy is caused by medical malpractice, then the victim may be able to recover damages for his or her past and future medical expenses, therapies, lost income and pain and suffering.  Contact an Atlanta birth injury lawyer at The Dover Law Firm for more information if your child has been injured.  We can be reached at 1.770.518.1133 or via our online contact form for more information.  We also invite you to read our free e-book, Pregnancy & Childbirth: Common Practice and Common Errors if your child has been injured.