Marietta truck accidents have obvious similarities to Marietta car accidents. However, they are not the same, and it is important to contact a Marietta truck attorney if you have been involved in a truck crash.

A Marietta truck lawyer may be better able to represent you after a truck crash because your lawyer likely has experience with:
  • The severity of your injuries. Injuries are often more significant and more complex after a tractor trailer wreck than after a car crash.
  • The complexity of issues and the numerous potential defendants who may be involved in your case. A Marietta truck accident lawyer knows how to investigate your case to determine the issues and identify the correct defendants.
  • The specific regulations that apply to truck drivers. In addition to the Georgia traffic laws that apply to all motor vehicle drivers, truck drivers also need to comply with more stringent regulations, such as the federal hours of service regulations. Failure to comply with those standards may be relevant to your accident and ultimate recovery.

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