When the dreaded phone call comes and you find that your child has been hurt in bicycle accident, there is much to do. First and foremost, you have to attend to your injured child and make sure that your child gets the medical care that he or she needs. However, it is also important that you protect your child's legal rights after a crash and contact an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

Your child may have the legal right to recover damages for past, current, and reasonably anticipated future costs related to medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, expenses, and pain and suffering.

Recovering damages for these expenses and injuries can be critical to your child's medical and emotional recovery.

Without the money, your family may not be able to provide the treatment your child desperately needs. Furthermore, if your child's injuries were caused by someone else's negligence, your family shouldn't have to bear those expenses.

For more information about how to protect your child's rights to potential legal damages after a Georgia bike crash, please contact an experienced and empathetic Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer at 770.518.1133 for a free and confidential consultation.
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