Riding a bike is a fun and healthy childhood activity. However, as children get older and venture further from their own property, the danger of being in a bike crash increases. Approximately 20% of bicycle motor vehicle crashes involve bike riders aged 5 -14. As an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney, I know that the risk can't be completely eliminated, but I also know that there steps that parents and children can take to decrease the risk of serious bicycle accident injuries and fatalities.

What Children and Their Parents Can Do to Protect Bike Riders

In order to minimize the risk of getting hurt by a car, truck, motorcycle, or other bicycle, it is important for your child to do the following:
  • Wear a Bike Helmet: Bike helmets are proven to help prevent serious traumatic brain injuries during bike accidents and should be worn every time your child gets on his or her bike.
  • Understand and Follow the Rules of the Road: Bicyclists who are riding on Georgia streets should abide by all of the rules of the road. For example, it is important to teach your child to stop for all stop signs, to travel in the direction of traffic, and to stay on the sidewalk or shoulder of the road.
  • Act Responsibly: Teach your child to be a responsible and proactive bike rider and not to take any unnecessary risks.

What to Do If a Bike Accident Occurs

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to keep your child safe, a bike accident will occur. If your child has been hurt by a negligent motor vehicle driver, an Atlanta bike injury lawyer will fight hard to get your child the financial recovery that he or she deserves.

If your child has suffered injuries because of a Georgia bike crash, please contact an Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer today at 770.518.1133 for a free consultation.