As we explain in our free report Typical Insurance Company Tactics, insurance companies do not always want to pay what they are required to pay to injured motorists, even when the injured motorist is a loyal policyholder who has been making his or her insurance payments on time in case an accident should occur.

As an Alpharetta car crash attorney, I believe that the insurance company should pay what it is legally obligated to pay. An injured motorist may be able to reach a higher settlement with the insurance company when represented by an experienced Alpharetta accident attorney.

The reason for this is simple. Insurance companies know that Alpharetta car crash attorneys know the law. The insurance companies understand that they are legally obligated to pay, and that an aggressive attorney will hold them to their legal obligation. Insurance companies generally want to avoid the courtroom where a judge or jury will hold them to their legal obligations. Therefore, they are often willing to make a fair settlement when a motorist is represented by a lawyer.

If you have been injured and need to negotiate a settlement with your insurance company, please call an Alpharetta car crash lawyer today at 1.770.518.1133. We will fight hard to get you the recovery that you deserve!
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