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Atlanta Auto Accident and Medical Malpractice Attorney
You’ve taken time since your accident to talk to an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer and to read up on you rights. You know that you are entitled to compensation for your accident which occurred while you were on-the-job. If you know it then you are pretty sure that your employer knows it too. Why then can’t you simply request a check? Why do you need to hire an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney and fight for what is legally yours?

You Should Be Able to Get What Is Yours Without a Fight – but Sometimes That Isn’t Possible
Generally, you have a better chance of receiving fair and just compensation if you suffered a minor injury that requires some medical attention but no lost time from work. You may not need a lawyer and you may not need to fight to have your medical bills covered.

However, if you have suffered a serious Atlanta workplace injury, then you may have to be more forceful in your attempt to recover damages. Your employer may try to minimize your recovery by claiming that the injury was not all the result of a workplace accident or that you did not comply with all the regulations necessary to obtain a recovery.

Atlanta Workers’ Comp Lawyers Don’t Want You to Suffer Any More
If you have suffered a workplace injury, then you may need an experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer to help you make a fair and just recovery. Please call 1.770.518.1133 today to schedule a free consultation.
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