Once you deal with the stunning and life changing news that your breast cancer was misdiagnosed and you start the appropriate treatment for your breast cancer, you may begin to wonder when is a breast cancer misdiagnosis medical malpractice?

Generally, a breast cancer misdiagnosis is medical malpractice if your doctor failed to exercise reasonable care in making a diagnosis and your doctor’s actions, or inactions, resulted in your physical harm.  For example, if a reasonable doctor in your community would have ordered a mammogram, biopsy or other diagnostic test when you explained your symptoms or when certain conditions were found in a physical exam but your doctor did not order such a test, then your doctor may have failed to exercise reasonable care with regard to your diagnosis.  If you then suffered harm – for example, if you required more treatment because your cancer progressed to an advanced stage due to the failure to diagnose breast cancer – then you may be entitled to damages.

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