It can be terrifying when your recovery doesn’t go as expected and it can also be confusing.  Your doctor may dismiss your concerns and tell you to be patient, but you know something just isn’t right. 

What do you do?

As experienced Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers who have counseled many clients through the horrors of medical mistakes, we encourage any person who believes he or she may have been the victim of medical malpractice to do three things.

First, trust yourself.  If you believe that something is not right, then it is important to take that seriously.  Delaying treatment can compound your injuries and cause you to suffer more harm.

Second, get a second opinion.  Do not trust the doctor who you think caused your harm.  That doctor may not recognize that a mistake was made, and that doctor has a vested interest in trying to cover up the mistake.  Consult with an independent physician who can objectively evaluate your case and care for you.

Third, call us.  Talk to an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney about your Georgia medical malpractice case.  We will provide you with an honest opinion about your legal rights, and we will help you through this difficult time.  Please download our free e-book, Why Did This Critical Medical Error Happen to Me and please contact us directly at 770.518.1133 or via our online contact form for more information. 
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