We have all heard of "road rage." Some of us have even been the victims of road rage accidents in Alpharetta or are guilty of displaying an aggressive and violent driving behavior.

What Is Road Rage, Really?

Road rage is generally referred to as the direct result of an altercation or disagreement between drivers. Sometimes a driver will get angered because of a poor maneuver another driver made. A simple honk of the horn may be enough to trigger the release of someone's pent up anger and frustration and direct it onto the other driver.

Road rage can also occur because humans are territorial, and cars are an extension of a person's territory. When someone violates or invades another's space, some people have a tendency to attack. For example, a driver may have signaled a lane change, but the driver in the other lane felt he was cut off. That driver may react poorly because he is defending his space. Certain reactions that are common include blasting of the horn, flashing headlights, and aggressively tailgating the other driver.

Common Forms of Road Rage

There are many types of road rage behaviors; however, the most common type of road rage on Georgia roads is aggressive tailgating. The next most common forms of road rage are headlight flashing, obscene gestures, deliberately blocking other cars, and verbal abuse.

When people engage in road rage behaviors, there is a chance someone will get hurt in an Alpharetta car crash. If you have been injured in a Georgia accident, call the skilled Alpharetta accident attorneys with The Dover Law Firm at 1.770.518.1133 for a free legal consultation today.
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