There are many people in this world who are emotionally unstable, chemically unbalanced, have anger problems, or are just having a bad day. What happens when you are sharing a Georgia road with one of these people and accidently cut them off or make a slight mistake behind the wheel?

We have all been taught to stay cool in traffic and keep our composure, but some drivers get frustrated easily and have a tendency to be violent. When you encounter these people on the road, you may be in danger of an Alpharetta car accident and injuries due to road rage.

Ways to be courteous to other drivers on the road in order to avoid a Georgia crash include:
  • Do not tailgate. It is important to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you so that you do not anger that driver.
  • Do not lane block. Get out of the left lane if you are moving slower than the traffic behind you. Yield to the right for any car that wants to pass you.
  • Don't forget to use your signals. Use your turn signals before you switch lanes so that you do not cut another driver off.
  • Do not give rude hand gestures. Giving another driver the middle finger has led to shootings, stabbings, and incidents of road rage. Refrain from any obscene hand gestures.
  • Do not flash your headlights. It is not a good idea to retaliate by flashing your headlights at another driver or shining your brights into an oncoming vehicle.
  • Do not overuse your horn. Use your horn in an emergency, but do not use it if you are mad at another driver. Think twice before honking at someone.
  • Do not make eye contact. Do not lock eyes, try to pick a fight, or otherwise engage a hostile motorist. 
  • Do not take up more than one parking space. Some motorists get extremely upset if they see your car taking up more than one spot or parked in a handicap spot when you are not handicapped. Be aware of parking road rage.

Road rage in the United States has led to about 1,200 reported deaths and continues to increase. In fact, the Automobile Association conducted a survey of 526 motorists and found that approximately 90 percent of these drivers have experienced road rage incidents within the last year, and 60 percent admitted to losing their tempers while driving.

If you feel threatened on an Alpharetta road by a motorist that starts to pursue you, do not drive home. You should drive to your nearest police station or busy location to get help.

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