There is a lot of debate about how best to move goods around the country. There is no doubt that trucks play an important role in stocking our stores, selling our goods, and fueling our vehicles. These benefits are necessary to our standard of living.

However, the use of tractor trailers to transport goods does not come without costs. Those who criticize our current system often cite the dependence on gas and oil, the effect on the environment, and the safety risks presented by trucks.

As a Marietta truck attorney, I find all of those considerations important, but it is the safety concerns that I find most persuasive in expanding truck size and weight limitations to the entire National Highway System. Specifically, limiting the size and weight of trucks may:
  1. Protect Infrastructure. Heavy trucks may wear out our bridges and roadways faster than other vehicles. While this is certainly an economic issue, it is also a safety issue as deteriorated infrastructure may become unsafe and cause injuries.
  2. Protect Truckers. Larger trucks are often less stable and more likely to tip over or hit another object resulting in potential injuries for the trucker.
  3. Protects Travelers. Larger trucks may have a harder time stopping and staying in their own lanes and thus present a threat to other motorists.

If you have been hurt in a Georgia tractor trailer wreck, then you may have the right to collect damages for your injuries. Please call a Marietta truck lawyer at 1.770.518.1133 to learn more.
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