Because of the widespread problem with truckers misusing medications and taking drugs while operating a large truck, representatives have introduced legislation in the Senate that would close a loophole that currently enables truck drivers who test positive to drug and alcohol use to continue to operate buses and large trucks.

The bill, called The Safe Roads Act, would establish a repository of commercial truck drivers' alcohol and drug test results. Positive test results would be reported to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and anyone who failed a drug or alcohol test in one state would be prevented from driving a large truck in another state. Specifically, this bill would require employers to review this database of drug testing information prior to hiring a truck driver.

Support for the Safe Roads Act

Many key people in the industry applaud this bill and would like to see it passed in order to improve the safety of our highways.

The safety of Georgia motorists is compromised every day, as Atlanta truck accidents continue to occur due to negligent truckers. Most motorists would like to keep the roads as safe as possible in Georgia and ensure that commercial truck drivers are not misusing drugs or prescription medications while operating their trucks.

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