Not only do motorists not like driving next to truckers due to the massive size of commercial trucks, motorists also know about the potential dangers that truckers pose, such as aggressive driving, drowsy driving, and driving under the influence.

For many years, driver fatigue has been on the top of the charts as a reason why Atlanta truck accidents occur; however, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has now indicated that medication and drug misuse may be one of the top causes of truck wrecks in Georgia and nationwide.

In fact, one of FMCSA's reports revealed that about 26% of truck drivers have caused accidents due to the use of prescription medication, and over-the-counter drugs account for 18% of truck wrecks.

When combining the use of any type of medication - prescription or over-the-counter drugs -with operating a huge vehicle, it simply does not mix well. These negligent actions could be extremely dangerous for motorists sharing the road with truckers.

The Real Problem

Because truckers need to stay awake to drive long hours, they often turn to drugs. Approximately 40,000 truck drivers in this nation have failed drug tests or were found to be driving under the influence of drugs, and others are finding ways to manipulate the system making it easy to still pass random drug tests.

Some truck drivers have gotten around these tests by adding drug masking agents to the urine sample, or they replace the sample with synthetic urine. Although some truckers are getting away with cheating on drug tests, others are not. Cheating on drug tests may catch up with a trucker.

Innocent Motorists Lives at Risks Due to Truckers' Medication and Drug Misuse

It is simply unacceptable that truckers take drugs or misuse their prescription medication, endangering the lives of innocent motorists sharing the roads with them. When a person is injured in an Atlanta auto accident due to a negligent truck driver, a trucker and their trucking company should be held responsible for the injuries and damages that occurred.

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