After being injured in an Alpharetta car accident, your attorney may attempt to settle your case, or your case may go all the way to trial. During this process, lawyers for the other side will look at your case carefully.

Defense attorneys may review your medical records, the extent of your injuries, and even if you have had a past history of making personal injury claims. They will tap into every resource they have available to diminish your claim, so that they can settle it for less - ultimately saving them money.

One such resource defense attorneys are using to their advantage is social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Defense attorneys may be able to check your posts, tweets, and photos in order to find something they can challenge you on.

If defense attorneys find comments and photos that are incriminating, they may win the case. Anything that you post on these sites should reflect your Alpharetta car crash injuries. In fact, you shouldn't post or upload anything during this process so that the defense can't twist your comments, photos, or anything else their way.

Don't let the defense hurt your case by questioning your credibility due to something you posted on a social networking site. The defense can and may subpoena Facebook, Twitter, and others for full access to your profiles and even deleted content.

Be careful and think twice before posting anything to a social networking site that may hurt your Alpharetta personal injury case.

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