Many people want to know how to obtain a better recovery after they are involved and injured in an Alpharetta car crash or a wreck anywhere in Georgia. The recovery amount a victim is awarded is typically based on the extent of the damage, their injuries, how long they may be out of work, and if there is disfigurement or permanent disability.

However, a recovery may also be based on what a victim does and doesn't do following an Alpharetta car accident. For example, a victim needs to seek medical attention immediately, show up to future doctor's appointments, and follow doctor's orders.

One thing victims may not realize could possibly harm their case is their tweets and posts on Facebook and other social media sites. After an Alpharetta auto accident, it is best to stay off Twitter and Facebook.

Although you may feel that your settings are secured so that only friends can see your information, sometimes this is not the case. Be aware that everything you put on the Internet is public information. You may not fully understand how the lawyers for the other side or the insurance company could view your tweets or your Facebook page, but they may be able to. They may also be able to request these documents in court. If the judge grants their request, your social networking life may become an open book to the jury.

If you were posting pictures of yourself at a sporting event, party, or even riding your bike, the other side may question your injuries. When you give the jury doubt that your injuries are not as severe as you say they are, then your potential recovery may be lower than you want.

Don't damage your own case by tweeting!

If you have sustained broken bones, head trauma, brain injury, internal injuries, paralysis, or any other serious injuries in an Alpharetta car accident, you may be due just compensation. Don't put off calling an experienced lawyer. An Alpharetta accident attorney will be able to explain your rights, answer your questions, and fight for your just recovery.

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