Amongst motorcycle riders, there is a popular belief that wearing a motorcycle helmet could damage a rider's neck and spine if involved in an Atlanta motorcycle accident. Many believe that the weight of a motorcycle helmet can cause injuries, which is why many riders will not wear a helmet if they are not required to.

However, a recent study by John Hopkins University School of Medicine debunked this myth. The new research actually proves that motorcycle helmets noticeably reduce cervical spinal injuries and paralysis in motorcycle crashes in Atlanta and throughout the nation.

The study looked at 40,588 motorcycle accidents between the years of 2002 to 2006 to find out if motorcyclists suffered cervical spinal injuries due to wearing motorcycle helmets. The results of the study include:

  • 22% reduction of cervical spinal injuries for helmeted riders compared to helmetless riders
  • 65% of helmeted riders were less likely to sustain traumatic brain injuries
  • 37% of helmeted riders were less likely to die

The results of this study are clear: motorcycle helmets reduce spine injuries. Researchers indicated that many anti-helmet riders were basing their belief on a study that was 25 years old and flawed. In addition, motorcycle helmets have become lighter in weight over the years than they once were.

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