It is one of the most gut wrenching feelings to pass by an emergency scene on the highway and see that fire trucks, paramedics, and police are on the site. You know that someone may be seriously injured, especially if the accident scene involved a motorcycle rider.

Because motorcycle riders do not have much protecting them in the event of an Atlanta motorcycle accident, they are at higher risk for sustaining injuries. Their injuries tend to be more serious in nature, including severe injuries to upper extremities, lower extremities, head trauma, brain injury, and spinal injuries.

When motorcyclists sustain devastating injuries to their spines, they may be faced with a lifetime of limited activity, pain, physical therapy, surgery, and ongoing medical care.

Atlanta Motorcycle Crashes May Result in Spinal Injuries

Because physical therapy can only do so much, sometimes spinal surgery is required for motorcycle accident victims. In order to determine if spinal surgery is needed, a doctor will usually order an MRI or CT scan of the cervical spine and lumbar spine and provide their recommendations for medical treatment.

If a surgeon recommends spinal surgery, there are three common types of spinal surgery that motorcycle accident victims need to be aware of, including:

  • Discetomy - In a discetomy, a surgeon makes a small incision to remove the herniated disc that is compressing or sitting on the spinal column or nerves. 
  • Laminectomy - A laminectomy is a more intensive surgery and needs to be done by a skilled surgeon. This process involves a surgeon removing a portion of the lamina bone, in order to access the spinal column and make essential corrections to the spine.
  • Fusion - A fusion is the most serious of the three surgeries. A surgeon will stabilize the spine by fusing rods or other items to help the spine become stable again.

If you have been injured in an Atlanta accident due to another driver's negligence, you may deserve financial compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, ongoing care, and more.

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