Bicycle riders know that they need to have a headlight, taillight, and reflectors on their bike in order to be safe and obey the law. However, there are some lighting options that work better, provide more safety, and reduce your risk for Atlanta bicycle accidents.

Having a headlight and rear safety light will increase your safety by enhancing your visibility to drivers of motor vehicles. It is a good idea to get a flashing light, which will catch a driver's eye better than a light that produces a steady beam. There are flashing lights available for both the front and rear of your bicycle, and most bicycles lights provide a steady and flashing mode.

The best way to see and be seen at night is to use a helmet light in addition to a handlebar light and rear safety light. The helmet light is great, as it lights up the direction that your head is pointed.

Another way to catch the eye of a motorist is to use reflective tape and place it on your bike and your clothes. There are even lighting systems that wrap around a bike's frame and illuminate your entire bike.
There are many bicycle lighting options available, and it is critical to mount both front and rear bicycle lights onto your bike in order to increase your visibility and reduce your chances of a Georgia bicycle crash.

Even if you have the correct lighting on your bike, you may still be a victim of a Georgia bicycle accident. Call an experienced Atlanta accident attorney today to find out your rights to recovery at 1.770.518.1133.
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