When a Georgia bicycle accident occurs, it is often caused by drivers of motor vehicles; however, motorists are not the only ones to blame for Marietta bicycle accidents and injuries. Although distracted drivers are oftentimes to blame for cyclists' injuries, cyclists themselves have also been negligent on Georgia roads.

There are certain things that every bicyclist should do to ensure their safety. One way in which a cyclist could reduce their chances of being hit by moving vehicles is to make sure they use sufficient lighting on their bikes so that approaching vehicles can spot them on the road.

Although having proper lighting while riding on Georgia roads is the law, many cyclists do not ride with a front white headlight or rear red taillight. Even though bicycles typically come with reflectors, reflectors are not enough to make a cyclist visible to a motorist, especially during the hours of dawn and dusk.

If you commute to work or ride your bike for exercise on the roads, you need to have a high-output lighting system on your bike, as well as front and rear safety lights, which will ensure your safety.

How Do I Choose the Right Bicycle Lights?

The correct lights will let you see potential road hazards, as well as be seen, in hopes of avoiding a Marietta bicycle crash. When looking at lights to install on your bicycle, you need to figure out what type of riding you do and match it to the right light.

If you are riding at night, you not only want a front and rear safety light but you need to make sure that your front light is a high-output lighting system. A high-output light system is a rechargeable light emitting system that provides high levels of illumination. Typically these systems use light-emitting diodes (LED lights), which makes for a brighter and more intense light.

If you commute on city streets, you will want a more narrow-focused light; however, if you ride on darker roads, you should get a wider-focused light that will provide you with more peripheral vision. Also, getting a front light with side emitters increases your visibility from the side of the bike.

It is still important to follow the road rules, ride with the flow of traffic, wear bright clothing, and not listen to music while riding so that you are in tune with what is going on around you. Unfortunately, Georgia bicycle crashes do occur, and cyclists need to do their part to avoid as many accidents as possible.

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