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As the spouse, child or parent of someone who has been misdiagnosed with cancer you may be worried, scared and under a lot of pressure. You want to make things better for your loved one, but how can you do that? Where do you start, and how much help will your loved one welcome?

It is important that you consider your loved one's personality, needs and wishes before you do anything beyond giving your unwavering emotional support. For example, some people who have been misdiagnosed with cancer will welcome your help in finding an Atlanta cancer lawyer, while others will want to find an attorney on their own.

Ways You May Be Able to Help a Loved One After an Atlanta Cancer Misdiagnosis
The following things have been helpful for some families after a cancer misdiagnosis and may work for your family too. Specifically, you might consider:

  • Taking over day to day tasks
  • Researching and making appointments with the right cancer doctors
  • Contacting an Atlanta cancer malpractice attorney
How to Contact an Atlanta Cancer Lawyer

When your loved one is ready to talk about his or her rights and pursue a financial recovery, please call an experienced Atlanta cancer attorney at 1.770.518.1133. We will fight hard for your loved one's fair and just recovery.

Our Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorneys also encourage you to share our book with your loved one so that he or she can learn more about his or her rights after a cancer misdiagnosis. The book, I Have Cancer Should it Have Been Caught Earlier, is available for free on our website.
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