It can be understandably difficult to believe that your cancer misdiagnosis may hurt anyone else but you. It is only you, after all, who has to go through additional difficult treatments and face a shorter life because of someone else's mistake.

However, you are not the only one suffering. Your spouse, children, parents and siblings are suffering too. They don't like seeing you in pain, and they can't imagine life without you. While a price tag could never be put on your life and their primary concerns are for you and for their own lives after you're gone, there is, unfortunately, still a practical concern about money. You might not be able to ease your loved ones' grief, but you and your Atlanta cancer lawyer can take steps to decrease your loved ones' financial suffering.

How a Cancer Misdiagnosis May Impact a Family's Financial Health
A cancer misdiagnosis can cost a family a lot of money, in addition to a lot of grief. Some of the ways that an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis may impact your family include:

  • Medical bills that are not covered by insurance
  • Costs of day to day care to make the cancer patient more comfortable or help with day to day tasks that the patient can no longer perform
  • Lost income. This includes all the money the patient could not make in the past and will not make in the future because of the cancer misdiagnosis

Some of this money may be recoverable in an Atlanta cancer malpractice case.
How an Atlanta Cancer Lawyer May Help Your Family
An experienced Atlanta cancer attorney will fight hard for your just recovery and work to help your family recover from the financial consequences of a cancer misdiagnosis.

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