After several years of decreased pedestrian accident fatalities, it appears that 2010 will mark at least the temporary end of that successful trend in the United States. According to the preliminary data collected by the Governors Highway Safety Association, the 2010 pedestrian fatality rate in the United States is essentially unchanged from the 2009 numbers.*

What is Happening in Georgia?
In 2009, only five states had more pedestrian fatalities than Georgia. Georgia lost 154 pedestrians in crashes that year when pedestrian crashes accounted for 12% of all Georgia accident fatalities.* In fact, Georgia fatality numbers have fluctuated slightly since 2001 without a significant increase or decrease over time.

Why Aren't Pedestrian Accidents Decreasing?
In order to prevent pedestrian accidents it is important to understand what causes them. There are many reasons why serious pedestrian accidents occur. While there is not yet enough solid evidence to consider it a trend, authorities, motorists and pedestrians in many states, including here in Georgia, are concerned about cell phones and other distractions. People claim to be seeing not only more distracted drivers on the road, but also more distracted pedestrians.

Contact a Marietta Auto Attorney if You've Been Hurt
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*Source: Governors Highway Safety Assocation, Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State, 2010 Preliminary Data
*Source: 2009 Georgia Motor Vehicle Fatality Report, Preliminary Report Draft May 12, 2010

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