Because parents want to protect their children, they try to teach them how to drive safely; however, parents cannot teach their children every defensive driving skill or protect them on the road at all times. This is why extensive driving training is necessary for teen drivers to learn how to avoid Atlanta accidents and injuries.

When teenage drivers in Georgia go through the Fear This for Life program, which is an 8-hour, defensive driving program for teen drivers, they will learn how to respond to risky scenarios.

Unexpected things happen while driving, including:

  • Drivers cutting other motorists off
  • Children running out in front of a moving car
  • Accidents happening next to or right in front of another driver
  • Drivers swerving due to something in the road

When teen drivers do not have experience behind the wheel, they often panic at any sign of danger in the road, which can cause them to crash. This is why it is important for teen drivers to learn how to avoid these obstacles and road hazards in order to keep calm and avoid an Atlanta crash.

If your teenage driver was injured in an Atlanta car accident due to a negligent driver, please call The Dover Law Firm at 1.770.518.1133 to schedule your free legal consultation with one of our skilled Atlanta accident attorneys.

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