Teen accidents in Atlanta and throughout Georgia are common topics in the news. We often hear that a teenager lost control of the car or was speeding and went off the road. When this happens, tragic Atlanta accidents occur.

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, teen traffic accidents were the number one reason for teenage deaths in Georgia from 1999 to 2007. This statistic indicates that teenage drivers may not fully understand the dangers facing them on the road and may not know how to drive defensively at their young age.

This is the reason why Woodrow Gaines, president and founder of Fear This for Life, established a driving program for young drivers. His goal is to take the fear out of driving for teen drivers, and he says "the biggest threat [to teen drivers] is inexperience."

After hearing about 16 young people who lost their lives in metro Atlanta car accidents over a period of four months in 1998, Gaines was motivated to do something about it. He established a driving course (Fear This for Life) that is modeled after a program that teaches law enforcement officers nationwide. This program only employs instructors certified to train police officers how to drive.

In this teen driving program, teenage drivers get lessons in the following:

  • Safety measures
  • Defensive driving
  • Hands-on experience 
  • How to avoid overcorrecting 
  • How to stay calm and not panic
  • Knowledge on how a vehicle operates
  • And more

In this driving program, teens go through obstacles that present real-life road dangers, teaching young drivers how to be prepared for road hazards and what to do when faced with them. Interestingly enough, this course is the only teen training program that is endorsed by the Georgia insurance commissioner.

This Teen Vehicle Operations Course (TVOC) is located in Alpharetta, Augusta, Braselton, Cumming, Loganville, and Rome. Gaines is opening more Fear This for Life locations in Georgia this fall and hopes to create a national training program to educate and prepare teens for how to avoid accidents throughout the US.

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