Truck weight limits are imposed by the state and federal governments for important reasons. Heavy trucks can be dangerous and cause serious accidents and significant infrastructure damage. However, some Georgia businesses are currently lobbying for an increase on truck weight limits in Georgia and around the country.

Which Companies Want a Weight Increase and Why

Companies such as Coca Cola, Georgia Pacific and International Paper are asking that the weight limits be raised because they are reaching the weight limits with room left in their trucks, and trucks that are not filled are bad for the economy and the environment.* More specifically, trucks that are filled to capacity can move more goods for less money, thus (at least theoretically) passing a savings on to the consumer. Additionally, fewer trucks would be on the road, which is better for the environment.

The Potential Downside to a Weight Increase

While environmental and economic concerns are important, it is also necessary to consider the safety implications of a weight increase for tractor trailers.  Atlanta trucking accidents sometimes occur because the weight of tractor trailers makes the vehicles unstable or harder to stop. Serious injuries and deaths can occur.

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*Source: Georgia Industries Seek Higher Truck Weight Limits, by Associated Press for the AJC, November 1, 2011

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