Have you ever passed a tractor trailer and been concerned about its size and weight? What would happen if an 18 wheeler fell over or crashed into your vehicle? You are right to be concerned.

Truck Weight Matters for Safety

The weight of tractor trailers is potentially dangerous and is strictly regulated by federal and state governments. Some of the reasons for the maximum weight limits include:

  • Heavier trucks take longer to stop. The weight of the vehicle and its cargo can make a loaded 18 wheeler harder to stop than a passenger car. However, trucks are sharing the same roads as passenger vehicles and are subject to the same risks of having to brake suddenly.
  • Heavier trucks lack the stability of lighter vehicles. Heavier vehicles have a greater risk of becoming unbalanced and falling over. Roll over truck accidents can be serious and result in significant injuries.
  • Heavier trucks may create more stress on aging infrastructure that creates a safety risk for all. Wear and tear on bridges and roads can create safety problems for all drivers and lead to future accident injuries.

Getting the Help You Deserve After Atlanta Trucking Accidents

If you have been hurt in an Atlanta truck crash, then you may be entitled to damages even if the truck was below the legal weight limit.

The experienced Atlanta truck accident attorneys of The Dover Law firm are committed to helping you get the help that you deserve after a crash. Our lawyers will fight hard for your just recover of medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, lost income and pain and suffering.

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