We’ve all heard expressions like “I feel it in my bones” or “It hurts down to my bones”, but it isn’t until you truly experience bone pain that you understand how excruciating it is and how much it affects your life. Bone pain can be a symptom of a serious condition such as bone cancer or another type of cancer that has metastasized to the bone. Accordingly, our failure to diagnose attorneys want you to know what you should expect from a doctor when you experience bone pain and when you should call us for help.

Diagnosing Bone Cancer
Screenings for bone cancer do not exist the way they do for other types of cancer. A diagnosis of bone cancer often starts when a patient reports pain, swelling, a broken bone or other symptoms to his or her doctor. A reasonable doctor who believes that bone cancer may be the reason for the symptoms will likely order diagnostic tests which may include one or more of the following: X-rays, bone scans, MRIs, CT scans, PET scans, and biopsies.

If proper tests are not done to rule out or diagnose bone cancer, a misdiagnosis of cancer may result, the condition may progress, and the bone cancer may create more significant health problems than it would have if it had been diagnosed and treated early.

Contacting Failure to Diagnose Attorneys

If your doctor failed to diagnose your bone cancer after you reported bone cancer symptoms, then it is important to find out more about your rights. Our failure to diagnose lawyers invite you to read our book, I Have Cancer Should it Have Been Caught Earlier?, which is available for free on our website. Additionally, we invite you to call us directly at 1.770.518.1133 for a free consultation.
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