Failure to diagnose attorneys often make the argument found in medical journals. The sooner a cancer is found, the more quickly it can be treated, and the more effective and less invasive the treatment is likely to be. That is why when a doctor comments cancer malpractice and fails to diagnose bone cancer appropriately the results can be catastrophic.

When the Proper Diagnosis of Cancer is Made
When a doctor correctly diagnoses your bone cancer by listening to your symptoms and pursuing the appropriate tests to make an accurate diagnosis, then you have the opportunity to get proper treatment for your cancer early. Early treatment of bone cancer can mean:
  • The difference between saving a limb and amputation. While surgery is a typical treatment for bone cancer, the surgery may be less invasive and allow you to maintain a limb if the cancer is small enough.
  • Require less radiation and chemotherapy. Radiation and chemotherapy are also typical treatments for bone cancer. The duration of radiation and course of chemotherapy may be shortened, and thus have less of a substantial impact on your life if the cancer is at a less advanced stage prior to treatment.
  • A longer life. Quite simply, your life expectancy may be longer if your bone cancer was diagnosed and treated early.

Contacting Failure to Diagnose Attorneys for Help After the Misdiagnosis of Cancer
If a doctor’s misdiagnosis of bone cancer resulted in physical harm to you or the death of your loved one, then it is important to learn more about your rights. Experienced failure to diagnose lawyers want to hear about what has happened to you, or a loved one, and want to help you with your legal recovery.

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