As a parent you want to do what is best for your child.  You not only love your baby and want what is best for your baby, but you also feel a responsibility to protect your child and help guide your child to the best possible future.

That is true of all parents, but it is especially important to parents of children born with birth injuries.  A child born with a hypoxia birth injury needs his or her parent to be a strong advocate for the financial help and services that he or she needs.

You Can Help Your Child Immediately and Forever

If your child was denied oxygen at birth and suffered a birth injury as a result, then your child may need ongoing medical and rehabilitation care, both of which are expensive. In addition,  your child may not have the ability to earn a living as an adult. 

If the hypoxia was caused by medical malpractice in Georgia, then you may have the right to sue the doctor or hospital which caused the injury.  You may be able to recover the financial damages that your child needs to pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation therapies and future lost income.

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