When trucks travel with an unsecured load, it generally because the truck driver or cargo loader tried to save time in loading the truck and improperly tied down the load. Although the federal government has regulations regarding the proper loading and securing of cargo, some truckers and trucking companies fail to follow such rules.

When trucking companies fall short of securing their loads properly, they need to be held accountable for the damages their carelessness and negligence cause. When innocent victims are injured in Atlanta truck crashes from unsecured truck loads, they need to contact an attorney experienced in Atlanta truck accident cases.

Sadly, these injuries could have been prevented if someone did not cut corners. Because truckers want to save time and money, they often fail to perform safety checks before they start driving. Spending an extra 10 -15 minutes making sure everything is loaded properly and tied down securely could mean the difference between life and death to other drivers sharing the road with these large trucks.

If an unsecured truck load caused you or a loved one to crash in an Atlanta accident, you may have rights to financial compensation for medical expenses, lost income, instances of pain and suffering, therapy, and more.

If a negligent truck driver or trucking company might be liable for the unsecured load that caused your automobile accident in Georgia, call an experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer with The Dover Law Firm at 1.770.518.1133 to find out your rights in a free legal consultation. We will answer your questions and help you get the fair compensation that you rightfully deserve.
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