When trucks crash into cars, serious injuries can occur; however, there are other types of serious collisions that trucks can cause without physically making contact with a car. One example of this is when something falls out of the bed of a truck and strikes another car. When a truck is traveling with an unsecured truck load, it can cause Atlanta car accident and injuries for innocent motorists.

When something falls out of the truck, it can pose a dangerous situation for the other drivers on the road. Some motorists may attempt to drive over the object, and others may try to swerve around it. Either way, when something flies out of the bed of a truck, it can scare or injure a driver causing him or her to crash.

Results of Unsecured Truck Loads:

  • The lose item can fly directly into a car, striking the driver and causing an Atlanta accident.
  • The item may get stuck on the windshield of the car that is following the truck, hindering the driver's ability to see the road.
  • A driver may attempt to swerve around the item, crashing into other drivers.
  • A driver may drive over the item, damaging the undercarriage of the car or puncturing tires which may cause a crash.

The trucks that are involved in these types of Atlanta truck crashes are typically 18-wheelers that do not have properly secured doors, semi trucks carrying cargo on open flat beds without proper tie downs, tanker trucks spilling liquid, or any other truck carrying loose cargo.

When an oil tanker truck spills fuel, it changes the road conditions which may lead to an accident. When a log truck driver loses a log off of the bed of his truck, catastrophic injuries can occur to the motorists next to or following the truck. Even small items that get loose can cause Atlanta accidents and injuries to motorists sharing the road with these trucks.

In any one of these scenarios, crashes may occur and cause serious injuries to the drivers and motorists following these trucks. Injuries may include head trauma, brain injuries, back and neck injuries, broken bones, paralysis, internal injuries, or even death.

If you have been a victim of an unsecured truck load, you may have a case against the negligent truck driver and his trucking company. Call an experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney with The Dover Law Firm for a free legal consultation at 1.770.518.1133.