It is hard to dispute the danger posed by drowsy truck drivers. A Marietta auto attorney will tell you that drivers who are tired may be as dangerous as drivers who are distracted or drunk. However, without a cell phone in hand or a breathalyzer test that can measure fatigue it can be difficult to ascertain when a driver is tired.

In an effort to protect people from the dangers of drowsy drivers, the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains rules regarding the number of hours a driver may work each day and each week without rest. A revised "Hours of Service Rule" has been proposed and is currently under consideration.

The FMCSA, and trucking companies, have the ability to limit the number of hours a truck driver works and drives in a day and in a week. What they lack is the authority to control what the driver does in his time off from work. Neither the government nor an employer can require a truck driver to sleep.

Thus, while policies may be in place that promote rest for truck drivers, it is ultimately up to each driver to make sure that he has enough rest to drive safely.

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