Commercial motor vehicle operators, including tractor trailer drivers, can no longer legally text and drive.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) ban on texting and driving has become part of the federal regulations.  The question now becomes, can the regulation be enforced?

Ticketing Truckers for Texting and Driving

The trucking texting and driving ban may be difficult to enforce, unless there is a crash and a resulting investigation.  It will be difficult for police to see many truckers texting and driving.

Other Means of Enforcement

Despite this difficulty in enforcement, we remain encouraged by the new rule.  The new rule sends the message to truckers that texting and driving is dangerous and against the law.  Truckers realize that if they are caught texting and driving that the consequences are likely not worth the text message that they sent. 

Further, truckers will see what happens to their colleagues who are involved in Georgia texting while driving truck accidents and will likely want to spare themselves the same consequences.  If each person who was hurt in a Georgia tractor trailer crash contacted an Atlanta truck accident attorney who took the time to properly investigate the case and determine if texting played a role in the crash, then it is possible that we could see real change that would save lives.

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