Telemedicine is gaining popularity in Georgia and growing at an impressive rate. While telemedicine can provide access to specialists that may be otherwise prohibitive, it is important to remember that a physical examination by a licensed doctor is still considered an integral part of medical treatment. As an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney, I encourage you to consider whether a physical examination is important for your own safety.

3 Reasons a Physical Exam is Still Important in the 21st Century
While the technology used in telemedicine has improved dramatically over the past two decades, there are still advantages to an in-person physical exam with a physician including:

  • Sense of Touch: Sometimes medical issues are discovered with a doctor’s hands, which may be impossible remotely.
  • Eye Contact: Do you have the same quality conversations over Skype that you do in person? Is there something that you can read in a person’s eyes when face to face – such as fear, pain, or illness – that you might not be able to detect over a computer? This may be true for a doctor and patient also, and the look in your eyes, and overall demeanor, may lead your doctor to question you further or conduct more tests.
  • Confidence in Treatment:  When a doctor is in the room with you, you know if the doctor is distracted. That can be harder to determine when the doctor is at a remote location.

When to Call an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney
If you’ve suffered from a medical mistake because of the lack of a physical examination by a doctor, then it is important to call an experienced Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible at 1.770.518.1133 and to read our FREE book:  Why Did This Critical Medical Error Happen to Me?
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