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You’ve decided that your health is too important to gamble with, and you are seeking a second opinion about a recent diagnosis. You are taking an important step in protecting yourself and advocating for your own physical recovery. Our Atlanta med mal attorneys want you to make the most of your second opinion appointment. Below, we provide some tips on how to do that, and we provide information on how to contact us if a misdiagnosis, or failure to diagnose, has caused you physical harm.

What to Do if You’re Seeking a Second Opinion
If you are seeking a second opinion, it is important to:

  • Go to a new practice. Do not see an associate of the doctor who first diagnosed (or failed to diagnose) you. Instead, see someone independent of that physician.
  • Provide lots of information and ask questions. You are likely meeting this doctor for the first time. Make sure to provide a full medical history and explain your symptoms in detail. Remember, this doctor does not have the history with you that your other doctor may have had.
  • Don’t assume the second doctor is right. If you get a different opinion from the one provided by your first doctor, then you should ask the second doctor to explain his or her diagnosis with supporting test results. You may also seek a third opinion to determine which doctor is right.
How to Contact Atlanta Med Mal Attorneys for Help
If the failure to diagnose cancer has caused you physical harm, then it is important to call 1.770.518.1133 today to speak with an experienced Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer.

Our Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys also encourage you to read our FREE book: Why Did this Critical Medical Error Happen to Me?
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