Last June, the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) published a story comparing the safety of metro Atlanta hospitals to hospitals nationwide. What the AJC found may surprise you.

The AJC looked at Medicare data from October 2008 – June 2010 and found that the rates of both medical errors and central line infections were higher at Atlanta area hospitals than at hospitals nationwide.* It is important for Atlanta area patients to be aware of the findings and to know how to contact experienced Atlanta med mal attorneys when they, or a loved one, suffer from hospital negligence.

What Errors Are Occurring at Atlanta Area Hospitals?
Some of the medical errors reported in Atlanta area hospitals include:

  • Central line or catheter-related infections. Most hospitals had at least one catheter-related bloodstream central line infection. Emory University Hospital had the highest number in the state and one of the highest numbers in the country. Emory reported 36 infections, causing it to be the 4th worst among 3,300 hospitals nationwide. University Hospital in Augusta had the second highest number of catheter-related urinary tract infections at 77.
  • Foreign objects left in during surgery. There were eight cases of objects being left in during surgery including two at Emory University Hospital Midtown and two at WellStar Kennestone Hospital.
  • Patient fall or trauma.  Almost every Atlanta area hospital reported at least one patient fall or trauma.

Many Atlanta area hospitals contest the findings of the AJC story. They argue that the data used was inaccurate and/or incomplete, and that it unfairly focused on Medicare patients and not the general patient population.
How to Contact Atlanta Med Mal Attorneys for Help
Despite the concerns raised by hospitals, it is important to be aware of preventable errors in Atlanta area hospitals and to take the steps necessary to protect yourself, or a loved one, should a preventable hospital error result in physical harm.

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*Source: When the Treatment Makes Patients Sick, by Carrie Teegardin, Atlanta Journal Constitution, June 12, 2011