As you sit in your doctor’s office stunned and devastated by a diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), you may listen to the myriad of reasons why your doctor did not diagnosis your condition earlier. Some of these reasons may end up being actual defenses tried by your doctor in a future Atlanta failure to diagnose lawsuit. While it can be difficult to concentrate on what your doctor is saying, your Atlanta breast cancer lawyer can anticipate likely defenses and explain them to you.

5 Possible Failure to Diagnose Inflammatory Breast Cancer Defenses
Whether your doctor presents these to you as excuses for the failure to diagnose inflammatory breast cancer or whether your doctor’s lawyer presents them as evidence supporting a defense argument, it is important to be aware that your doctor may argue:

  • You did not fit into the typical demographic for breast cancer.
  • You had all the symptoms of a breast infection, not cancer.
  • A reasonable doctor would’ve concluded that your condition was caused by an insect bite, not cancer.
  • The failure to diagnose did not significantly harm you or allow the cancer to progress.
  • It was someone else’s fault (e.g. the patient, radiologist, etc).

How an Atlanta Breast Cancer Lawyer May Help You
If you have been hurt by the delay in your inflammatory breast cancer diagnosis, then it is important to contact an Atlanta breast cancer attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will investigate your case and, if medical malpractice occurred, zealously advocate for your legal recovery.

To find out more about an inflammatory breast cancer misdiagnosis, please read our FREE report: Breast Cancer: the Risks, the Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment and call an experienced Atlanta breast cancer attorney today at 1.770.518.1133.
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