There was never a lump. The mammogram showed no sign of concern. Your doctor may have dismissed your symptoms as something less serious such as an infection, insect bite or simple irritation. Yet, what your doctor missed was a diagnosis of a specific and aggressive form of breast cancer.

The failure to diagnose inflammatory breast cancer resulted in the progression of your disease, more significant treatments and potentially a shorter life. You can’t change what happened, but you do remain in control of your family’s future. You do have the right to hold the doctor’s whose medical malpractice harmed you accountable, and you may have the right to recover financial damages with the help of an experienced Atlanta breast cancer lawyer.

Warning Signs of Inflammatory Breast Cancer
The following conditions may be symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer that warrant further testing for a definitive diagnosis:

  • A change in appearance of one breast that occurs very quickly (over days and weeks as opposed to months or years)
  • A red, purple, pink or bruised breast
  • The dimpling or appearance of an orange peel
  • Tenderness, pain, unusual warmth or itching
  • A flattening or inversion of the nipple

In order to make the proper diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer and to start the proper treatment as soon as possible testing is often required to distinguish the condition from a breast infection.
When to Contact an Atlanta Breast Cancer Lawyer
If your doctor failed to test for inflammatory breast cancer despite the symptoms of your condition, then your doctor may be liable for medical malpractice. To learn more about when a doctor’s failure to diagnose is medical malpractice, please read our FREE report, Breast Cancer: the Risks, the Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment. Additionally, we encourage you to contact an experienced Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer at 1.770.518.1133 to discuss your individual case.