Last December, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Older Driver Program introduced its five year strategic plan. From 2012 - 2017, the NHTSA will focus on implementing this plan and improving safety for older drivers on our nations roadways.

Why an Older Driver Program is Needed
Driving is often seen as a key component of independence and freedom. It can be difficult to take away from an aging adult. However, older drivers are often involved in accidents because of medical conditions, slower reflexes, changes in their vision or other physical changes that make it more difficult to avoid a car accident.

What NHTSA Plans to Do
In an effort to keep older drivers in Marietta, and across the nation, safe, the NHTSA will work to build communication between older drivers and their caregivers, establish and maintain partnerships to enhance older driver safety, and develop and promote older driver licensing policies.

Why You Need a Marietta Auto Attorney After an Accident with an Older Driver
You may naturally feel some sympathy for an older driver who caused your Marietta accident injuries. However, despite any sympathy you may feel, you may still pursue damages. A Marietta car accident lawyer can help you recover damages to which you may be legally entitled in a respectful way.

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