I have to admit, upon first mention of Dover Law Firm, I was somewhat skeptical. I, like many others, have been bombarded by the image of sleazy "get rich quick" attorneys on television. But Sara E. Root and Dover Law Firm are not a part of the circus the American public has grown accustomed to. Ms. Root was clear, concise and above all a fantastic listener, who represented me as if she was representing herself. I felt assured that no stone would be unturned on my behalf and that assurance was confirmed time after time. For instance, when a discrepancy arose surrounding my medical bills, Ms. Root went out of her way, combing through documents to verify every cent. In the end, my expected debt was drastically reduced. The entire staff was polite and without a doubt I would and will recommend the firm to my family, friends and clients. Thank you all.

Kecia Robinson-Moore

P.S.  I certainly received more than I expected.Kecia Robinson-Moore